7 Fruits that will make your Doctor Jobless



This is an age of fashionable living, everything we do needs to involve a bit of fashion in it-our accessories, electronics, dresses and even WHAT WE EAT. Yeah, we love to show off our diet but we ourselves don’t know much of what we consume. Our daily consumption is not fixed and more importantly not proper at all. Most of the things people (we, first) indulge into is because the world’s watching us, we need to keep up to some of the attention that we are receiving and we love that attention. Under such a foolish influence we tend to live our lives the way other’s like it. Eating- our daily intake is the primary and most affected factor which shows-off late. But it surely does; be aware!!!

 Fruits that will make your Doctor Jobless

So, what are the things which YOU LIKE to consume and how much of them do you really consume (hiding from this world, of course). The trends have changed everywhere and sadly food is no exception. It is unfortunate that most of us are gorging on junkies which have turned to be our regular favorite intake. Essentials such as veggies and fruits are atypically visible on our platters. Moreover, consuming fruits in their solid state are sort of status degradation for many (at least people make it look like it). At school, all of around the globe must have learnt (or at least heard) this- An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. However, it is a sad state that apples and blackberries today are restricted to consumer electronic devices.

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Well, let’s peek through some healthiest fruits that can help us maintain a healthy mind and body, provided we consume them regularly.


As mentioned above Apple is always popular but for a different reason now-a-days. Talking of the FRUIT APPLE might be termed as ‘boring’. But we must know the least of goodness that this boring fruit can do to us. It is probably the best ready-to-eat snack ever discovered; it is a vital source for essential vitamins (vitamin C in particular) and helps in controlling blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. An apple contains 4 grams of soluble fiber which is in other form 17% of the daily value (DV) required by a normal human body. Too many advantages to be termed as a boring fruit….isn’t it???


Research has found Grape to be the most high glycemic fruit which makes it the most suitable ‘post-training snack’. Hence, grape can be on the top of our menu list after you are done with a packed day of slogging or a lengthy workout session. Moreover, it is a source for Vitamin A, B, C and B6 along with a whole lot of Minerals.


Inflammation is seen as the root cause for many aliments and discomforts in the body. Chronic inflammation can be heavily damaging to the vascular and nervous systems; this is a case especially experienced by sports persons. Cherry is an excellent solution to do away inflammation from the body as they contain highest concentration of Anthocyanins 1 and 2. These are highly effective in blocking enzymes related to the complex state.


It is also popular  due to powerful presence of antioxidant in its seed. This antioxidant enables pulling back the oxidative damage and place things back to normal. The fruit is known as a global solution for erection dysfunction. It is also effective against vascular discomfort and increase the blood content improving the erection experience.


Blueberry is noted to be very useful in lowering the risk of prostate cancer and thus is suggested for consumption on a regular basis for men. The fruit is also stated to be high on antioxidant lutein which helps in maintaining strong and healthy eyesight.


A ‘grapefruit diet’ is proved to a method to put-off the excessive pounds. Medical studies have proved that having half a grapefruit before every meal results in loss of 3.6 pounds in a period of 3 weeks. It contains ‘Pectin’ a soluble fiber which is effective in slowing the growth of tumors. However, it is advised to avoid grapefruit while taking medication as they tend to interact with liver enzymes and store the medicines for longer than required, this might prove dangerous.


Lemon is the most common fruit which is known to all but be consumed the least. It has excellent content of critic acid (also its chemical name) which helps in breaking down liquids and increases digestive juices in the body. Regular intake of lemon in the juice form on an everyday basis helps liver and gall bladder functioning.

Enough said, now plan your fruit scheduler.


Author Bio – Licia Margarete works at Bharat Book Bureau as an Industry Analyst and has more than 5 years of experience. She has rich knowledge and experience of various industries across the globe. In her free time she likes writing for blogs and some of the topics which interests her are fitness, diet and nutrition, healthy lifestyle, environment, education, travel, science and many more.


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