6 Drinks To Keep You Hydrated During Summer


Originally posted on March 18, 2021 @ 2:35 pm

Drinks To Keep You Hydrated During Summer

As the summer is around the corner you should be getting ready to keep all the drinks ready that will keep you hydrated during this summer. If you are someone who loves to workout daily then it is more important for you to drink more fluids as your body will lose all the water due to hot weather. 


You might notice that people will ask you to drink more water but to be frank it gets really boring by drinking all the same drinks over and over again. So you should bring some variations to what you drink. One thing that you should avoid is beer and alcohol drinks. Those drinks won’t help in hydrating your body but they will help in damaging your health. 


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Staying hydrated is really important for your body. Otherwise, you can get dizzy and even faint if your body is low on electrolytes and salt. The more you sweat, you are more likely to refill your body with all those electrolytes that you lost. You can start off by drinking hydrolyzed collagen drinks. It can be mixed with any fluid but what’s more beneficial about this drink is that it will keep you hydrated and it will also improve your skin health. 





Lemonade contains black pepper, salt, and lemon in it. All these ingredients are enough to hydrate your body. Salt is an important thing for your body, you will see many people saying that you should consume less salt but that’s not true in summer. To stay energized and focused you do need to focus on your drinks. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that helps in keeping your active and also helps to detox your body. So, the next time you head out for a workout or any other activity, just don’t forget to drink lemonade. 





Fresh fruit juices are great for your health and they also help in keeping you active and hydrated. I mentioned this before that drinking the same fluid, again and again, can make you run away from it, so it’s better that you add fresh juices to your list. The best ones are kiwi, berries, and apple juices. These help in increasing your electrolytes. They are perfect for your everyday routine and it will also keep your skin clean. 

Drinks To Keep You Hydrated During Summer




Collagen is great for your skin, nails, and hair. Apart from that it also helps in healing up your stomach lining. You can mix up collagen powder in smoothies and other drinks as it will serve its various benefits. If you are willing to improve your skin health as well then you should add collagen smoothies in your drinks list. 





The amount of salt decreases in our body when we sweat. It’s really important for our body to have a good amount of salt in it as it helps in keeping us hydrated and energized. Mix salt with regular water and drink it every day. This will help in fulfilling the amount of salt that is required by your body to stay hydrated. Just remember that use pink salt in this case as it is more healthy and beneficial than the regular white salt. 





Cooked on a very low heat and that too for several hours. This drink really gives a good boost to your energy levels. As I already told you about the importance of salt in our bodies. Bone broth is rich in salt, protein, vitamins, and minerals. All of those things that are vital for your health and will keep you hydrated in your daily life as well. Apart from bone broth, you can also try regular stock. Although bone broth is more nutritious, you can look at the stock vs broth chart to understand which one is better for you.





Drinking regular water can be fun as well if you leave the fruits or vegetables soaked into the water. Don’t forget to clean the fruits and vegetables before leaving them in water overnight. Drinking fruit-infused water in the morning will help in improving your skin, it will detox your body from harmful toxins and the most important thing is that it will keep you hydrated even on the hottest days. 



These are some of the drinks that you can add to your list. Although there are tons of them out there or you can use your own imagination to come up with a drink that can help in keeping you hydrated. Some athletes prefer to drink energy drinks or pickle juice as well. Like I said salt is the most important thing here. Always use salt to stay hydrated and sugar to keep your energy levels up. Don’t forget that these drinks work best in hot weather. Don’t consume too much salt in cold weather as you won’t be able to sweat it out.