5 Physical activities for good health

Originally posted on January 21, 2021 @ 7:15 am

Health is the gift of the God to human beings one must have to take care of health. There are many ways for taking care of health. The best way for taking care of health is to participate in physical activities like swimming, cycling, running etc.

There are also many other benefits of doing physical activities the over weighted peoples can lose their weight and can relieve themselves from many health problems by doing physical activities. Some physical activities are explained below.


The very important and useful physical activity is doing running. This activity is very useful for those persons who want to lose their weight. One must have to do running daily wearing good shoes like parkour shoes this will help to lose weight as well as for maintaining the health.

As there are many categories of running like base run, progression run, fartlek, interval training, sprints, hill repeats, tempo run. All these categories are different from each other on the basis of running time, effort, place of the running. There are different purposes of different categories of the running.


Swimming is also very interesting and useful physical activity for maintaining good health as well as it is also good activity for those who want to lose their weight. A person can also also enjoy while doing swimming.

Swimming also release stress from the body and also keeps human heart healthy. As swimming is best way to keep yourself relax and feel free and good. Swimming can be done for enjoyment and person can also take it to a competitive level.


It is also very healthy physical activity. Like other physical activities cycling is also good for health as well as it’s also good for those who want to lose their weight. Riding bicycle regularly is best way for reducing life health risks. Cycling is the exercise which can be enjoyed by the all age’s people. The best way for cycling is that to use the cycle as transport by doing this one can regularly do cycling.

Cycling is cheap and easy exercise as there is no need of some special skill for doing cycling and also bicycles are available in cheap prices. Cycling also reduces stress.


Tennis is also a very good physical activity and very interesting game. Tennis is the game which requires patience and also need training to play. One must participate in this game three to four hours a week. The competitive tennis is good activity for those who want to lose their weight because it burns more calories. Tennis is very active sport as compared to other sports.

Tennis is also very good sport for hand-eye coordination because the player must be constantly judge the timing between the on-coming ball and the proper contact point. Speed and quickness is very important in this sport because the player has to respond very quickly to the opponent. To be best in this sport it requires more practice

There are many benefits of playing tennis a player becomes very quick and the stamina of the player became build. Tennis is a best workout for full body. Playing tennis has also very positive impact on the bones of human being. By playing tennis the human also becomes strong. As we have discussed the health benefits of playing tennis but there are also social benefits of playing tennis the player became disciplined.


Dancing is also a very good physical activity for good health and also good for losing weight. Dancing can be done both competitively and socially. As it is good physical activity also it is good for enjoying.

It reduces many calories and helps over-weighted people to reduce weight and also improves health.

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